Manufacturing Services

herbal medicinal  in capsules

Capsules (Veg / Gelatin)

Capsules are a very popular dosage form for dietary supplements because they require minimal use of excipients, dissolve quickly, mask the taste of the active ingredients and are easy to swallow.

Glass dropper filled with herbal essence, aromatherapy oil, homeopathic medicine, or other liquid.


We develop and process liquid products from herbal extracts to western liquid health and beauty supplements. We perform hot fill and retort sterilization processes to attain the desired shelf life for our finished products. We work with product scientists and food technologists to develop products that suit your taste and desired formulation.



We produce herbal pills that undergo sterilization via infrared technology. Pills are a traditional form of medicine that can be produced by coating or uncoating. Factors considered when formulating the pills include considerations for active ingredient palatability and efficacy.



We produce sealed sachets in different sizings, with material ranging from soft porous woven material suitable for tea bags to aluminium foil or plastic material suitable for loose pills.

Homemade calendula ointment on wooden table

External Ointments

We customise, formulate, and produce oils and ointments for external body use.



We formulate and manufacture different herbal syrup remedies.



We help companies grind (and blend if necessary) powders for use in encapsulation, pill formulation, direct use or for further manufacturing purposes.